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Faith - Family - Farming

Rebecca the farmer-owner
The Farmer

The lady in the tractor seat at McArthur Farms is Rebecca McArthur. She was born and raised in Marlboro County. Rebecca is a graduate of Francis Marion University and FDTC with degrees in Biology and Nursing. The daughter of the late Lester and Clara McArthur, she is also the youngest of three children. Rebecca loves God, family, friends, the beach, and her animals. Working in agriculture and then the nursing field, she was faced with a decision ... "Which career do you want to do?".... and from that point McArthur Farms became a working dream. 

The Market at McArthur Farms
The Farm

We started with 20 acres and a tent in a field....literally! Then we grew to 4 tents. Rebecca was working full time as a registered nurse and farming full time as well. It was at this point that she decided to focus all of her efforts into growing her dream, McArthur Farms. In 2007, we built our current farm market. The buiding was designed on a legal pad by Rebecca (she still has the pencil drawing). The market building is made from split Cypress Trees out of the South Carolina swamp bogs. McArthur Farms currently owns 180 acres of farm land and rents an additional 250 acres. We grow a variety of fruits, vegetables, and traditional row crops. Our specialties include our Super sweet strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. 

The 2015 staff aka The Corn Crew
The CREW..... Corn Crew

Our CREW... The "Corn Crew" are the heart of our operation. Our staff enjoys meeting folks from all over the country as they travel through our county. Creating friendships with locals and travelers alike keep them coming back for the same friendly service each time they stop by. 

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